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Our new committee have taken over but we still need a couple more committee members.  Please let the committee know if you would like to join the team.  It’s nothing arduous and you learn a lot along the way.  New members who join the committee can be co-opted.

 The committee meetings in future will be at White Notley Village Hall at 9 am. on the day the guild meets.

We are now having Zoom Committee meetings and any news will be sent to members (mostly by email) in the monthly catchup round robin.  If there is anything you feel we should discuss, please contact Chris Applebee.   Many thanks

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We now have some deadlines for our Exhibition next  year at Braintree District Museum.  Here are the dates of the June 2021 Exhibition:-

10- 11 June - install Exhibition

12 June  - Exhibition opens

26 June  - Exhibition closes

Please email photos of the work you would like to exhibit to Lesley at ( Chris ( by April 30th 2021.

Only 2 items per member will be chosen but you can send photos of several different items mainly as we would like a good cross section of item types and techniques.   Items can range from dyed fibres or a spun hank to clothing, bags, cushions  or wallhangings.  Information about technique, yarn or dye, etc. will be needed too.

The items chosen need to be handed in at the May 15th meeting in a plastic bag or plastic box, depending on size or fragility. Members work will be safe when exhibited as the Museum has its own security and any valuable items can/will be put into glass cases.

If we are not meeting in May due to Covid19 restrictions or a member who is exhibiting cannot make that meeting then we will make other arrangements to collect. Hopefully we will know by then if the Museum will be holding the Exhibition.

We are also hoping to create a central display of work by members for this exhibition which reflects the history of Essex and its cultural heritage, particularly its connection to the textile industry.

One idea to do this is:If you can think of any Essex landmarks, historical places of interest, significant industries and even a person, that would be linked to textiles and our crafts...ideas for this would be gratefully received.

For example; Braintree Silk, Colchester wool industry, Paycockes House, Courtaulds, Flatford Mill.

Members may choose which of these they would like to work on, maybe one local to them.

These ideas can be translated into a pictorial piece of work, woven, felted, knitted, stitched which would be presented within a bound and backed 6’’ metal ring or as a 6”square.  These  could be hung from a panel of some sort and bordered by some red handspun yarn hanks or even some weaving of that yarn, (depending on time to do that).

If anyone has an alternative idea for a display then please feel free to contact the committee via Karen or Chris.

At the moment, we cannot be certain that the Exhibition will happen.  It has been booked but we will definitely have a ‘virtual’ Exhibition if the Museum is closed. The exhibition runs from 12th – 26th June 2021.

The items will be returned at the July meeting or can be collected from Braintree Museum on the day we dismantle it -   Probably on the 26th June after 4pm.

Any updates on the Exhibition information will be in the round robin.

Notice from the Association of Guildswsd  AGM 2021

AGM 2021 - Change of date.

The 2021 AGM will be held on 19th June 2021, from 11 to 4 at Conway Hall, London. The plan is to hold a face-to-face meeting. Should that be impossible the meeting will be held via Zoom. You may remember that earlier this year we announced that next year’s AGM would be held in April. After a lot of thought and given the warnings that the current situation is likely to carry on well into the start of next year, the GPC feel that it is appropriate to reschedule to June. There are a number of reasons for this.

 Firstly, it will give more time for you to consider your nominations, propositions, etc  for submission.

Secondly, we hope it will mean that more guilds will be able to meet to review the reports and submitted proposals, which will be available just after Easter.

Thirdly, it gives more time for the situation to return to normal so that more of us are able to meet in person in June.

The new date is within the time scale allowed by the AGWSD Constitution for holding an AGM. The AGM timetable will start early in 2021, the first step being the request for nominations to the GPC and JEC and for your propositions and points for discussion.

This is just a paragraph from their newsletter which can be read by visiting


Update Jan 4th 2021

Our first 3 guild meetings for members will be Zoom meetings and Karen will send you a link to them nearer the time which will take you straight to the meeting.   The first one on January 16th will just be for members to see how we get on with this medium.  The other 2 in February and March are on the programme  page and will be Zoom lectures.

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